About ME

Hi Y’all - I’m Crystal – Salty Heifer Mercantile owner and operator. 

I was raised on country music, gravel roads, and hard work.  Moving cows, working calves, and putting up hay was all in a days work.  I will forever call the buttes of North Dakota home, but as I settled into the next chapter of life with my amazing husband, and four beautiful children we are building a ranch of our own in beautiful northern Wisconsin.  I decided a Wisconsin Cowgirl is what I will be…The Salty Heifer was established so I could share the things I enjoy and love.

My motto is:  Get up, Dress up, Show up, & Never Give up and at the Salty Heifer we can help you with that.

Along with owning the Salty Heifer my husband and I have owned and operated a restaurant (Rusty’s Waterin’ Hole & Chowhouse) for 8 years and counting.  If we’ve learned anything in the restaurant business we’ve learned that success in business hinges on people.  You have to have great people on your team and the team has to take great care of the people in your herd. 

Salty Heifer Mercantile

From our family to yours.

Build what you love – Love what you do!

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